Communicable diseases in Namibia

Communicable diseases together with maternal, perinatal and nutritional conditions accounted for an estimated 50 per cent of all mortality in 2008. The prevalence of HIV in Namibia, as a percentage of population aged 15-49 years, was 13.3 per cent in 2012. HIV prevalence has fallen slightly since 2002. There were 1,860 reported cases of malaria in 2011. There has been a significant overall reduction in confirmed cases of malaria and deaths from the disease in the period 2006-11. There has also been a notable decline in estimated incidence of, and estimated mortality (when mortality data excludes cases co-morbid with HIV) from, tuberculosis (TB) in the period 2003-12, although both figures are presently higher than they were in 1990. There were 4,076 reported cases of measles, 159 reported cases of cholera and 27 reported cases of rubella in 2009.