Cancer and infectious diseases; other prevention issues

Preventing cancers by addressing infectious disease: three case studies

Mark Lodge, Biying Liu and Ian Magrath
By 2030 nearly one in five of all new cases of cancer in the world, and nearly one in six cancer deaths, will occur in Commonwealth member states. More

Infection-related cancers in Africa: a new paradigm for prevention and control efforts

Jackson Orem
The global cancer burden is projected to increase by 6 million between 2000 and 2030 and most of this increase will be in developing countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. More

The links between diabetes and tuberculosis

Kaushik Ramayia
The tremendous increase in the prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM), predominantly in the developing world, is attributed to changes in socioeconomic status, diet and decreasing levels of physical activity. More

Disease management in Africa: local government at the forefront

Susan Rhodes
The impact of HIV/AIDS adds to the difficulties of local economies and local communities already struggling with development challenges. More

Using mobile social networks to stimulate SRH service access and uptake: the case of Young Africa Live

Gustav Praekelt
At its heart, Young Africa Live (YAL) is a simple yet effective m-Health solution that aims to change human behaviours. It communicates life-saving information about HIV/AIDS and sexual health to young people in a way that is engaging, interactive and relevant. More

Effective prevention strategies for NCDs targeting children and youth: learning from the CD experience

Kate Armstrong
The Member States of the United Nations (UN) have only twice convened on matters specifically related to public health. More

Using multimedia to reduce tobacco use among Indigenous young people

Menzies School of Health Research
More than half of Indigenous Australians smoke, which is more than double the rate of non-Indigenous Australians. Tobacco smoking is responsible for one in five of all Indigenous deaths and is one of the main causes of chronic disease among Indigenous Australians. More