Resourcing health: financial and workforce issues

Scaling up integration: workforce lessons from global child health strategy

Ameena E. Goga and Lulu M. Muhe
Integrated services that offer comprehensive care for all symptoms are critical for efficient, cost-effective, patient-centred health-care services; however, challenges exist in preparing the workforce for such integrated interventions. More

Human resources for health: a snapshot of Zambia’s Strategic Plan

Ministry of Health, Zambia
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines ‘health workers’, or human resources for health (HRH), as all people whose main activities are aimed at promoting, protecting and improving health. More

Acknowledging the task, acknowledging dependency: integration, workforce issues and human nature

Tim Dartington
It should not be necessary to argue for the importance of relationships in health care. The argument is already well made, everywhere from current research in neuroscience to ancient texts, the arts, humanities and all the major religions. More

Costs and efficiency of integrating HIV/AIDS services with other health services: a systematic review of evidence and experience

Sedona Sweeney, Carol Dayo Obure, Claudia B. Maier, Robert Greener, Karl Dehne and Anna Vassall
Integration is a growing priority in the context of the AIDS response. HIV and AIDS are intrinsically linked to many other health problems. More

The role of public-private partnerships in health systems is getting stronger

Mark Hellowell
The past three decades have seen a steady growth in the private sector’s role in the health systems of high-income countries in the Commonwealth. And, as cross-country research studies have been undertaken, it has become clear that the private sector plays a major role in financing and producing health care in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). More

Private hospital development in health systems with a history of welfare provision: some pertinent questions and observations for the consideration of policy-makers

Simon Barraclough
Many developing and middle-income nations, including a number in the Commonwealth, have embraced policies to encourage the development of for-profit private hospitals, some of which have been established with varying degrees of foreign capital and know-how. More