Health in Mauritius

Hon. Mr L. Bundhoo

Minister of Health and Quality of Life

The healthcare and medical travel sector in Mauritius is experiencing sustained growth and has attracted significant domestic and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The sector is gradually becoming an important contributor to economic growth.
According to the Bank of Mauritius figures, FDI has increased in a sustained manner in the healthcare sector over the last 5 years, Rs 2 million in 2006, Rs 29 million in 2007, Rs 120 million in 2008 and Rs 145 million in 2009.

Based on the 2010 edition of the annual private healthcare industry survey conducted by the Board of Investment, medical travel is experiencing a healthy growth. In fact, the number of foreign patients seeking medical care in Mauritius has increased from a mere 1,000 in 2005 to more than 10,000 in 2010.

Mauritius has a well-developed medical devices industry manufacturing a wide range of quality products. Leading industry players from Europe like Johnson & Johnson, Carl Zeiss Inc., Laboratoire Perouse and Natec Medical have set up their production units in the country with an annual turnover exceeding Rs 1 billion and employing more than 500 people.

The pharmaceutical sector is becoming self-sustaining as the sector continues to grow and is tagged for long-term expansion and further development. Over recent years, global pharmaceutical companies like Ajanta Pharma and Mascareignes Pharmaceutical Manufacturing have started operations in Mauritius employing some hundred people and are engaged in the production of antibiotics, anti-cholesterols, anti-malarials, antipyretics and pain killers exported to African countries and the rest of the world.